Illinois will be hosting five star PG Ayo Dosunmu October 13-15. He recently narrowed his schools down to two (Wake Forest and Illinois). Safe to say this is a HUGE weekend for Illinois. Wake has done a great job in this recruitment that many assumed would be all Illinois in large part to Illinois Assistant Chin Coleman. I got a chance to discuss his trip to Champaign this coming weekend.

Q & A with Ayo

I asked Him what he was looking forward to seeing this weekend?

“I am not looking for anything in particular this weekend. I have been on campus several times and seen many games.”

I asked him what was his main reason for coming back to Champaign?

“It is a chance for me and my family to spend many hours and days with Coach, the staff and players. Continuing to build on the relationships we already have.”

I wanted to know of this years current class will weigh somewhat on his decision. Illinois currently has no commits. That could change before his visit keep in mind.

“Yes, my current and future teammates are important to me.”

My final question was about a decision date. He told me ” I am definitely deciding before the fall signing period. Most likely within the week after the Illinois OV.”

My Take

This is a very important week for Ayo. Wake Forest has came strong and offered the NBA path to join some Demon Deacon greats. Some takeaways that are important for illini fans.

1) Ayo knows what Illinois offers, the Dosunmu family wanting to strengthen that is a good sign.

2) The relationship with Coach Underwood is important. It isn’t all about Coach Coleman, that’s why I alluded to many thinking Illinois is in the final two mainly due to Chin.

3) Illinois has a chance to seal the deal and give a great final impression. Seeing how many good young players the Illini have and how the team practices is crucial.

Wake has the advantage with this years recruiting class, having already signed a couple four star players. Illinois can’t miss this weekend. Does Ayo want to be a catalyst in Helping bring the illini back to glory? It will be a nerve wracking couple of weeks for illini fans. Fasten your seat belts

6 thoughts on “Why not Illinois for Ayo?

  1. maybe reading into it too much but…

    #whynotus v #whynotwake
    seems like a tell to me.

    and c’mon he wears #11 just like another really dynamic PG in I-L-L history.


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