There is a buzz in the state of Illinois after Thursday nights commitment from five star PG Ayo Dosunmu. Not just because Illinois landed its first five star commit in fifteen years, it also opens the door to the elite talent playing in Chicago. The Illini staff have one of those elite talents coming down for an Official visit this weekend. Talen Horton-Tucker has been a priority for the staff for months, even if at times from the outside it didn’t look like it.

Let’s Make no mistake about it illini fans. Ayo committing on Thursday night was a tactical move, a smart one. Setting the table for an important couple days to land a second big fish from the state of Illinois, more importantly Chicago. Ayo has been in his ear all week, these two being former teammates with the Mac Irvin fire means a lot. Regardless of the truth behind a personal beef, these two respect each others game. Real recognizes Real, expect the royal treatment again this weekend for Talen. Yes I am talking about orange and blue rugs, cookie cakes and even some student serenading.

Illini vision for Talen

Illinois is loaded at the guard position, that’s no secret. A crucial piece for the staff will be to show Talen what a positionless offense is truly about. Once that vision is truly shown and laid out, which it will be this weekend. I think Talen will see how perfect he fits. Talen is a matchup nightmare, standing 6’5 with a thick and strong frame over 200 pounds. He takes pride on defense, which is a necessity to play for Brad Underwood. The offense will easily have four guards playing at one time. I have no doubt Talen could play the 1-4 spot in a traditional system. Versatility is key for Brad Underwood, Talen can shoot it and blow by a defender when needed and throw it down with ruthless aggression. This is a legit top 50 prospect in my eyes coming to Champaign this weekend. The staff will go all out to show he’s a priority and could help land Illinois the best backcourt duo from Chicago in LONG time.

The Competition

Standing in front of Illinois from garnering that coveted Chicago duo is Iowa State, Xavier and Georgia Tech. From all my communication with my closest sources, Xavier has been the front runner with Iowa State right behind. Illinois has always been hanging around, Chin Coleman has a close bond with Talen as well. When Illinois offered you could see the grin was genuine. If Michigan State had prioritized Talen, I truly feel he would of been a Spartan. Xavier has done a great job recruiting THT along with Steve Prohm at Iowa State. Talen likes the staff at Georgia tech a lot with Coach Josh Pastner. Iowa State has a very good class and THT just left Ames last weekend, he was at their Midnight Madness event. Most importantly though for Illinois fans, no big dog has emerged from the pack. Illinois gets what appears to be the Final OV.

Swami’s Take

Things have fallen into place for Illinois in this recruitment. I don’t feel as confident as I did with Ayo, but Illinois can legitimately win this one. With its 2017 class and adding Ayo Dosunmu along with Chin Coleman, Illinois can over take Xavier and Iowa State. This trip had been planned for a couple weeks now. Talen wants to see what Illinois has set up for him, take into account he has been to campus numerous times before. He is intrigued by the success of Brad Underwood and the players on the team. Being close to home never hurts either as we found out with Ayo yesterday. Illinois fans should feel good about where they stand with Talen, I see Illinois making the final three before an announcement. Having it’s name, hat or shirt on the table is a good thing. Talen will be making his decision in the next two weeks, electing for Illinois to be the final visit could be a telling sign. Illinois basketball is on the rise and adding Talen would put the 2018 class into Orbit.

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