After two national all star games in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, Ayo Dosunmu is fully ready to turn the page on his highly succesful High school career. He played very well against top level competition. He competes on every play and has the drive to win, very few player’s at Jordan Brand classic or Allen Iversons showcase had an edge on both ends of the floor. Ayo definitely plays with a chip on his shoulder.

I caught up with the five star top 30 PG from Morgan Park about his summer goals and why Illinois will be successful when he arrives.

In his words with Ayo Dosunmu

Ayo has won almost every trophy imaginable for an 18 year old and played against the best of the best. Heading into his first season of college ball, I wanted to know what area’s he wants to improve. Ayo told me “There’s always more room for improvement, therefore I believe I can work on my defensive skills and working on handling the ball better over the summer.”

Having national recognition brings opportunity to compete against the best. I asked Ayo about his mindset before the Jordan Brand classic and Iverson Showcase. He told me “I look at each game as a new opportunity to showcase my abilities especially amongst other players of my caliber. I prepare by going into each game with a positive mindset, knowing I’m going to give it my best.”

When I mentioned a chip on his shoulder, its part of what makes him great. Ayo told me “I know every body at these games are looking to make a name. So I just come out and compete and make people show me. They have to show and make me a believer.”

My final question was about translating success. After Illinois missing so many years of the NCAA tournament, what is this 2018 class gonna bring that will help turn the program around. He told me “I will come and just bring my game, play my game and compete and lead. Im excited for every single person we signed. Rankings or stars mean nothing when you can hoop, we will be fine and I have that killer in me a lot of people don’t. I look to kill, I have no friends on the court. That killer instinct will turn contagious!”

Swami’s Take

The Illini staff has done a great job landing a top 20 class for 2018. Landing Ayo helped set the tone and being a tenacious leader and winner will be contagious in my opinion. He has some things to work on but you cant teach 6 foot 5 five with elite passing ability. Ayo reminds me a lot of Michael Carter-Williams in frame and passing ability. He can get to the rim against smaller quicker guards and has the length to score on bigger guards. Ayo Dosunmu has won everywhere hes gone, I dont see that changing at Illinois. Illinois got themselves a Killer on the court whose ready to bring winning back to Champaign

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