The 2018 class is coming home to Champaign this week. This is exciting news for Illini fans as they can see some highly anticipated recruits finally dawning the orange and blue! The following weekend, The Prince of LittyvILLe, Marquez Beason will be coming to Champaign along with his cousin Zeriah Beason.

Zeriah is a highly recruited player of the 2020 class and in the state of Texas. He is a 4* athlete and has been known for his wide receiver and defensive back skill set across the country. Along with garnering national interest, Zeriah has picked up eighteen scholarship offers headlined by Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, LSU, Michigan State, and Nebraska. I took some time to speak to him about his recruitment.


AS: When did you decide to play football? Why? And why did you choose to play as an athlete, and more specifically as a WR and DB?

Zeriah Beason: I started playing football when I was around 8 and always played up so I played with 9 and 10 year olds. I played football because I wasn’t good at any other sports and then I started liking it. This is actually only my second year playing WR, before I played QB, but now I’m a WR for life!

AS: Football is a part of everyday life in Texas, how much was football part of your life?

Zeriah Beason: Oh yeah. It’s always a competition wherever you looked in whatever corner no matter the stage.

AS: How would you say your recruiting process is going right now? What has been some of the highlights of it so far?

Zeriah Beason: Really seeing all the hard work that I’ve been doing pay off even though there is still work to be done. The recruiting process in general has been great from getting to see new schools to learning what schools are a fit.

AS: Any visits you are thinking of taking this summer or in the future?

Zeriah Beason: Probably Illinois and Stanford. Just blue prints so it could change.

AS: I know your cousin Marquez must be in your ear about coming to play for Illinois with him. Is this something you are considering?

Zeriah Beason: Oh yes, most definitely!

Aarmani’s Take

Zeriah Beason is a must get in the 2020 recruiting class because he can help keep that Bishop Dunne High School pipeline alive. Look for him to keep racking up the offers over the next year.

I think the Illini are in good shape currently even though some recruiting experts have him committing to LSU. As mentioned before, he will be visiting campus along with his cousin Marquez this weekend. Let’s see how he enjoys LittyvILLe and then his recruitment will be easier to judge. Look for a follow up article about his visit to Champaign in the next week or so!

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