It was a good day for Illini Football heading into a big recruiting weekend as 2019 3-Star defensive end included the Illini in his top 10 list along with
Auburn, Duke, Memphis, Mississippi State, NC State, Oklahoma, UCF, UNC, and Tennessee.He is ranked as the 51st best defensive end in the
nation and the 77th best player in the state of Georgia. I took sometime to speak to him about his top 10 and why he included certain programs.


AS: Awesome so you just released your top 10. Tell me something you like about each team.

Ahmad Craig: They all have great academic programs and great people in their programs. They also all have programs that are going to make a big impact this year

AS: Which of the schools are you planning on visiting within the next month?

Ahmad Craig: Duke next week then UNC and Memphis the following weeks. Illinois is still to be determined.

AS: Have you been speaking to any of the players at Illinois? Coaches? What have they been saying to you?

Ahmad Craig: Just coaches Ward and Clark and they have been talking about great things going on around campus.

AS: Do you have any timetable for cutting down your list again or is that still to be determined?

Ahmad Craig: Still to be determined
AS: Any leader in your recruitment currently?

Ahmad Craig: Still to be determined.

Aarmani’s Take

If the Illini are going to build a dynasty, they must start recruiting out of state talent. Like it was said
on the recent podcast, the Illini have really been to recruit hard in the state of Georgia.

Ahmad Craig won’t be the only recruit on the Illini’s Georgia recruiting radar but securing a commitment from him could really open the gates to constructing an important pipeline.

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