There are still questions about how this season will go as the search for big men looms large for Coach Underwood and his staff. One thing is for certain, Coach Underwood’s 2019 recruiting class will be the most important in his tenure at the University of Illinois. The good thing for Coach Underwood is that there is a lot of talent in the state of Illinois once again.

Terrence Shannon Jr has been one of the most electric players recently in the state of Illinois. He is a 6-7 185 lb. small forward who averaged 13.1 points per game, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.2 assists for Mac Irvin Fire during the EYBL circuit. He is ranked currently as a four-star recruit in the 2019 class, 22nd best small forward, 4th best player in the state of Illinois, and the 86th best player in the 2019 class. He took sometime to speak to me about where things stand in his recruitment.


AS: What are your aspirations for your senior season? Winning Mr. Basketball in Illinois? Something else?

Terrence Shannon Jr: Just wanted to be the top of my class and show people what I can do since I’ve been injured.

AS: I’ve heard about your injury, what exactly was it? Also how do you think it affects you mentally and physically?

Terrence Shannon Jr: I had an ACL sprain and broken wrist. I think it made me mentally stronger, and my wrist it still a little weak from the injury but it made me better and it helped me learn from watching the game on the sidelines.

AS: Also what part of your game do you think is your strongest? And what part do you think you want to work on?

Terrence Shannon Jr: Transition is where I’m at my best. I think I need to work on everything but mainly my ball-handling.

AS: Your recruitment has really started blowing up, of the schools that have offered you, which of them are you most interested in?

Terrence Shannon Jr: They are all starting to have a lot of interest and are all starting to stand out to me.

AS: How do you feel about the staff at Illinois? Are they individuals who you could see yourself playing for?

Terrence Shannon Jr: Yeah I could see myself playing for Coach Underwood because he has a good personality and he is a good coach that will work hard to make me better.

AS: Is playing for your state school important to you?

Terrence Shannon Jr : It’s not really that important to me, but actually doing it can be special.

AS: I know a lot of Illini fans are hoping to see you and Kahlil Whitney play together at Illinois with another in state guy Ayo Dosunmu. Do you and Kahlil talk to each other and has playing together ever come up?

Terrence Shannon Jr: We haven’t talked about it, but it crossed my mind.

AS: So I know you just visited Louisville, do you have anymore visits scheduled within the next month or so?

Terrence Shannon Jr: I’m visiting Florida State on Wednesday. Then Illinois on June 27th.

AS: Any idea when you might get a list out of your top schools or are you just enjoying the recruiting process right now?

Terrence Shannon Jr: Maybe after July, not sure yet.

Aarmani’s Take

The Illini need to make a splash with some early commits in the 2019 class. Terrence Shannon Jr. is one of my picks for the Illini’s first commits of the 2019 class just because it seems as though he loves the Illini and the way Brad Underwood goes about things, not to mention that many recruiting experts are already predicting him to commit to the Illini.

The main need for the Illini is an athletic player with size and Terrence Shannon Jr fits that build and then some. I expect his recruitment to continue to blow up in the coming weeks but I still believe the Illini can land a commitment from him in the end. The options for the 2019 class are endless however Illini fans greatly want this guy to dawn the orange and blue as soon as possible.

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