The Illinois mens basketball team was dealt a minor blow earlier in the week when 6’11 big man Samba Kane from Florida Prep Academy was forced to leave campus and unable to enroll in summer courses. While it is a transcript issue, this wasn’t the University of Illinois Admissions fault, the NCAA clearinghouse deemed some classes Samba took in Senegal unfit for it’s standard.

I spoke with Samba about his next step this summer in getting back with his team in August and what led to this situatuon.

In his words with Samba Kane

Many Illinois fans were upset or worried Samba wont make it back in August or will transfer to another school with lower academic standards. Samba was definitive in his response.

Kane told me “I am confident that I will be back on campus in August. The University has been helpful and doing everything they can to make sure I am back as well. All I need to do is take one summer class and get an A, that will clear it up”

In regard to what actually caused the transcript issue.

Samba told me “Yes unfortunately the NCAA didn’t count the summer classes I took at Florida Prep and without their clearance I’m not allowed to stay on Campus. That’s against the rules and they were thinking (SVT) a class that I took in Senegal, was a technology class and they didn’t count it.”

Samba told me tell all Illini fans everything will be fine and not to worry.

Swami’s Take

While I understand this situation isnt ideal, this is just part of recruiting kids from all over the planet. No fault of the University or Samba. He will have to work out on his own over the next 9 weeks. He had enjoyed the first week of working out with teammates and already has goals on what he needs to work on.

Adam Fletcher could of worked wonders for two months with Samba who told me he’s actually 210 not 220. Gaining more weight will be crucial but Samba will continue working on post moves and growing his jump shot as well untill he joins the team. You can look at this glass half empty or full, getting Samba back in August is what really matters. He will be needed this fall and Samba is confident he will be back

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