It has been a big weekend of visits for the Illini football program with marquee names coming out to the Illinois camp including Ira Henry, Shammond Cooper, and Illini commits Isaiah Williams and Marquez Beason.

The cousin of Marquez Beason was also busy in Champaign making a name for himself on his visit. The 2020 athlete spoke to me a couple weeks ago about his interest in the Illini football program and I took sometime to speak to him about how his visit went this weekend.

Interview with Zeriah Beason

AS: How was your visit?

Zeriah Beason: It was really good!

AS: Did you see the proposal of the new facilities? What did you think about it?

Zeriah Beason: I really liked them really nice looking and they’ll be here whenever I graduate so that’ll be good to come into.

AS: What did you do during the camp? What was the best drill?

Zeriah Beason: Camp was really easy and I enjoyed it. Oh, this figure 8 drill we did. I felt that got me better mostly.

AS: How long do you think it will be for the Illini to be a winning program? Like years wise? Did you see anything that makes you optimistic about the future of the program?

Zeriah Beason: 3 years about, and yeah there’s plenty.

AS: Has your interest in Illinois been affected in any way by your visit? Positively or negatively?

Zeriah Beason: Positive way.

AS: A little odd question but what was your favorite meal you had on your visit?

Zeriah Beason: Oh, the food was different didn’t really like it like that, but the only thing I enjoyed was the cliche hamburger.

AS: What did your father think of the campus and the visit? Does he have the same interest as you?

Zeriah Beason: Ya, he did. He enjoyed seeing what’s new and being replaced at the university.

Aarmani’s Take

It really seems as though Zeriah enjoyed his visit this weekend despite maybe not enjoying his first meal in Champaign. Jokes aside, it seems that not only he has a lot of interest in the Illinois football program, but his father who made the trip with him, seemed to enjoy the facilities and the new proposal that AD Josh Whitman proposed this past week.

I’ll say this again, I believe he will visit again, and I think the Illini will be in his top schools come commitment time. Only time will tell if he will actually commit to the program.

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