Illiniscoops’ Nate Williamson (@NateJWSports) recently got to talk to Illini Freshmen and Offensive Lineman Jordyn Slaughter (@Slaughter66_). He sat down to talk about what it has been like getting accustomed to living life as an Illinois football player. He also asked him to introduce himself to fans on a personal basis, and about the progress he has made during his time with the Illini so far. Check out the full interview below.

What is your favorite NFL team?

  • New England Patriots

If you were going to play any other sport in college of your choosing, what would it be?

  • Basketball

Now, for the real questions.

– Want to share a little bit about where you’re from, where you went to high school, and how long you’ve been playing football?

  • Well i’m from East St.Louis, IL. For high school, I attended Althoff Catholic in Belleville, IL, and I’ve been playing football for almost 8 years now. –

– What would you say are the strongest elements of your game on the offensive line, and what do you bring to the team?

  • I think the strongest elements of my game are my pass blocking skills, and also my intelligence on the field to react to situations.. The biggest thing i bring to the team would be my leadership skills, even though i’m only a freshman.

What first turned you on to Illinois, and made you know you wanted to be an Illini? What was the big recruiting draw for you?

  • There never was one specific thing that really made me an illini fan, I’ve just always been a fan of them. I never really realized i wanted to be an Illini until i received my first offer, and then I knew I wanted to play there. The biggest thing that made me want to come here was the atmosphere on game day, and the experience of the coaching staff.

– Are you enjoying campus?

  • I’m loving campus now even though it’s not the school year and everyone isn’t here yet

– What are you looking forward to most in your first season as an Illinois football player?

  • The biggest thing i’m looking forward to this year is to finally experience what it’s like to be an Illini, and suit up for game day.

– Are there any specific guys you’ve started to get close to and form a bond with already?

  • I’m pretty close with everyone on the offensive line and in my class and a few older players but not that many.

Now, Illini fans know that you’re coming off of an injury a bit ago, hows the rehabbing going for your shoulder, and how are you feeling?

  • The rehab is coming along great.. I’m making gains in the weight room which is good and also i should be ready for summer camp next week when it starts

If you could say one thing to Illinois football fans ahead of the coming season, right now, what would it be?

  • To stay committed to our program through the good and the bad.

Nate Williamson is a journalism student at the University of Illinois, working for, as well as Last Word on NFL. He is also the Co-Founder of… Stay tuned into this site for more articles from Nate and the rest of our Illini staff, and make sure to check back soon for more interviews, breakdowns, and discussion from the guys!

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